Investigating Dance Music Scenes

This anonymous questionnaire was originally designed to investigate people’s attitudes towards going out dancing, and the cultural relevance of club scenes. It is part of a wider study being run by researchers from the University of Liverpool, some of whom have decades of experience within dance scenes.

It is still about that, though of course, the 2020 global pandemic has had a huge impact on night-time economies and so will be also be examining the effects of this.

The research is going to ask questions about:

  • how you went clubbing before the pandemic
  • your attitudes towards certain types of clubs and venues
  • what you think about ‘the underground’
  • and also a bit about how dance music events might be impacted in the future, after coronavirus...
  • How do people like yourself, who attend dance music events, anticipate scenes re-emerging and adapting to the challenges from the pandemic?

The questionnaire hopes to capture a snapshot of how people into dance music felt about the coronavirus shut down.

The findings of this research project will hopefully be of interest to club owners, promoters and DJs. It is also anticipated that it will be of interest to city planners, culture institutions and music boards: shedding light on dance music’s influence on urban regeneration, cultural participation and the artistic makeup of a city.  

Anonymity and Consent
Participation in this study is completely voluntary. If you decide not to participate there will not be any negative consequences. All answers you provide in filling in this questionnaire will be completely anonymous. The researchers will not be able to identify you. Once your responses have been submitted, they cannot be withdrawn. You can read more further Participant Information here